Monday, June 11, 2012

WLR Regular Meeting May 10, 2012



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attending: Kent Gerard, Dave Werth, Howard Quimby, Ron Wiesman, Bob Van Epps, Jim Tolfa, Bill Zemple, Caroline Zemple. Tyler Nollenberg, Kieth Boelter, Doug Nelsen

1. Call to order Bob V.
2. Approval of April 12 Minutes motion Wiesman, Gerard. Approved
3. Financial Report: Wiesman 25 members. Gerard Zemple approved
4. Vote on NAH Bill: Tabled till next meeting. Motion Werth, secone Wiesman Approved
5. Fundraising:Big Raffle ticket available $5000 sold through the mail.
6. Education Committee
a. Presentation by Justin Sipiorski PHd. Unable to attend.
b. Summerfest July 22: Spot at park, Educational booth. Bob would like the DNR to show up this will be an educational event.
c. Other

7. Grant Committeer: We have flowering rush in the lake and is invasive. DNR is working with Golden Sands and invasive plants. Ted Johnson is the contact person. Get DNR together with Nelson and Me. He will be back with more info.

8. Old Business:
a. Lake Project update; Would we like to keep the lake down till next spring? Discussion next meeting
b. City of Weyauwega. Meeting Report: Will check with city hall Friday.
c. North American Hydro Status: See above
d. Google the Lake: Terra server cost $25 for 8x11 print

9. New Business
a. Public Comment: None.
c. Permits: None needed by the club so far.
d. Nomination for Board: Nominating Carol Zemple, Tolfa second Gerard. Passed Replaces Bob Radtke. Board will be: Jim Tolfa, Kent Gerard, Bob Van Epps, Ron Wiesman, Holly Martin, Dave Werth, Carol Zemple Motion Tolfa, second Gerard passed. New Board.
e. Board Members election:
f. Other

10. Next meeting 14th of June – Ex. Board meeting at 5:oo before regular meeting.

11. Adjourn Meeting : Tolfa

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