Monday, June 11, 2012

WLR General Meeting February 9, 2012



Thursday, February 9, 2012 6:00 PM
Jim Tolfa Bob Van Epps Bob Radtke
Jerry Juve Howard Quimby Ron Wiesman
Ken Gerard Bill Zemple Tom Schneider
Jerry Schumocker – representing Waupaca Bass Club.

Meeting called to order – Bob Van Epps
Approval of the January 12 2012 minutes: With the following changes: The location designated as the Presbyterian church should be the Lutheran Church. Millers Park should be Mellons Park. Motion Quimby second Tolfa – approved.

Treasurer’s report Ron Wiesman:
M&I Bank balance 1/1/2011 15,397.86
NAHC 8,644.29
Donation – WLCC 2,000.00
M&I balance 1/31/2012 8,753.57
First National Bank balance 16,001.39
TOTAL funds 24,754.96
Membership 32
Motion to accept treasurers report Radtke, second Gerard – approved
Ron Wiesman was directed to send WLCC a letter acknowledging and thanking them for their donation of $2,00 toward our effort to restore Weyauwega Lake.

Fund raising report: Bob Van Epps/Bob Radtke: Mailing list to be reviewed by Radtke and Van Epps by March 1 with a mailing date of April 31st for the money raffle. Ron Wiesman asked that he be informed of the raffle dates for the Grill Raffle, Vacation Raffle and Money Raffle held during 2011.

Education Committee Report: It was indicated there has been no report of mileage submitted for reimbursement. Bob Van Epps indicated his intent to check with the DNR regarding what they have done regarding effects of the lake drawdown on the lower river.

Grant Report: No report: Bob Van Epps indicated effort should be made to seek grant replacement of native plants lost as a result of the drawdown. He indicated that DNR Specialist from Hartman’s Creek indicated the ducks will kill many of the plants the first year.

New Business: Jerry Schumocker was present looking for a way the Bass Club could become involved possibly establishing or improving boat launch sites on the lake. He requested he be furnished tentative plans that would allow the club to invest funds and labor. It was suggested the club should coordinate their involvement with the City Administrator. Schumocker’s contact information was entered into the membership rolls.
Sale of NAH: Howard Quimby inquired if anyone knew about the notice of sale of NAH to a company out east, as noted in the County Post. Bob Van Epps will check into this.

Meeting Adjourn: Radtke second Gerard

Next meeting: March 15, 2012 – same location and time.

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