Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weyauwega Project - Weyauwega Lake Restoration General Meeting Minutes


  1. In Attendance:
    Sheryl Scheuerman
    Bill Zemple
    Carline Zemple
    Bob Van Epps
    Joy Van Epps
    Jim Tolfa
    Holly Martin
    Howard Quimby
    Bob Radtke
    Dave Werth
    Jerry Juve
  2. Introduction of those in attendance - Name, Address Sign in Sheet
  1. Approval of November 11, 2010 minutes   Motion Bob R. Second Jim T. Approved
  1. Financial Report – Ron Weisman:        Closing Balance November 11 2010      $18,063.00
         Donations: Terry Gerlach $500.00 and $500.00 Anonymous matching
Pending VFW $100.00
Membership   $70.00
Raffle Tickets $185.00

  1. Project Update Report –Dave W. – Dave has been talking with Jereme Klassy (NAH). They are willing to “assist” us in meeting the target draw down date of April 1, 2011 (approximate date). We need an historical data research survey that has a cost attached of 3 to 5K required by the state – NAH must complete this while the lake is down. There is no available record of the historical research from the 1972 draw down.  NAH has not received an update from US Fish & Wildlife. FERC reiterated: “all the blanks could be filled in and completed within thirty days” and returned to the applicant (NAH).
    1. Jim T. reminded the group that NAH may need assistance with weed removal as the lake is drawn down.  We will need to check out transportation and volunteers for this project.
    2. We may need to re-populate seven natural plant species after the draw down requiring additional funding.
    3. There may be a need to re-establish the existing islands.
  2. Report, Fundraising (Raffle Tickets) – Jim T. Bob R. Bill Z : Jim T. and Bill Z. are working on an ice fishing event to be held on February 13 in conjunction with Fire on Ice. Bob V. has lined up the big tent through Joe Wyngaard. Entertainment for the event is being discussed and will require a stage.
    1. Motion made and carried to pay Steve Thomas for the grill at the next meeting 
    2. Partners are: Budweiser, Fire on Ice, and the Weyauwega Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Education Committee Report – Connie Abert: No report at this time.
  4. Grant Committee – Holly M.  There are grants available from the DNR from between 5,000 and 250,000 – applications need to be submitted by April first.  Wisconsin Lake Association has a $500 grant for kids that we can apply for anytime.
  5. Discussion of Lake District Bob V. and Jim T. Meetings of the City of Weyauwega and the Town of Weyauwega were attended by members of the LWR to present the idea of establishing a lake district. These tentative meetings were met with acceptance by the councils.
  6. Next meeting: Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 6:00 pm.
  7. Motion to adjourn by Bob R. Second Jerry J. motion carried.

Thursday, January 13, 2010
6:00 PM

1.         Introduction of those in attendance
2.         Approval of December 9, 2010 minutes
3.         Financial Report – Ron Wiesman
                        a.         Paid membership update
                        b.         Donations Report
4.         Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.
                        a.         Progress with NAH with documentation
                        b.         Permit process with FERC
                        c.         Punch List.
5.         Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.
                        a.         Raffle ticket sale progress
                        b.         Ice Fishing Event
6.         Education Committee Report – Connie A., Carrie E., Lynn P.
                        a.         Status of equipment order
                        b.         Student Web – data posting
7.         Grant Committee Report – Holly M.
                        a.         Available Grants
                        b.         Possible budgets.
                        c.         Next Step.
8.         Lake District Report – Jim T.- Holly M. - Bob V.
                        a.         Scope and borders
                        b.         Municipality Participation and Education
                        c.         Next Step
9.         New Business
                        a.         Black Turn Rookery
                        b.         Public Comments
                        c.         Other
                        d.         Next Meeting
                        e.         adjourn

Weyauwega Project - Weyauwega Lake Restoration Ex Board Meeting Minutes

Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc.
Board Meeting
5:00 PM
Weyauwega Library

In Attendance:
Bob Van Epps                           Dan Stearns                  Holly Martin
Bob Radtke                               Jim Tolfa                       Howard Quimby

Discussion Issue: Documentation from NAH
To date all of the information has been via phone conversation. None of the requested documentation has been presented to the Board from NAH. The Board would like hard copy either in email or by letter.

Discussion Issue: Lake District Boundaries
Background: The City of Weyauwega attached the requirement of a lake district to the funds they were giving to WLR. The requirement was that WLR make a good faith effort to establish a lake district for Lake Weyauwega

Lake District layout as Suggested by the State of Wisconsin:
v      The entire lakeshore – all riparian property
v      Areas that are adjacent to and benefit from the lake
v      Areas that directly affect the lake (watershed)
v      Any service area that impacts the lake (sanitary district)

Purpose of a Lake District as stated by the State of Wisconsin
The purpose of a district is to maintain, protect, and improve the quality of a lake and its watershed for the mutual good of the members and the lake environment.

Simplified Steps:
1.       The municipalities involved with the Lake District are informed of the proposed Lake District and the approval of their respective councils secured.
2.       A map of the proposed Lake District be drawn up with the parcel numbers of the properties included. This information is given to the participating municipalities for approval. The map and parcels will be used to draft a resolution by the council of each municipality. This resolution must be passed by each municipality. (Public hearing optional)
3.       Bring the resolutions, map and parcels to the County Board. The County Board can then approve the Lake District after it appoints a committee that will report their findings to the County Board after holding Public hearings with a 30 day rebuttal period.
a.       The committee must report within 3 months of the Public Hearing
b.       Board must either grant or deny the petitions within 6 months
Alternate Method by Petition
4.       The alternative method is to petition the land owners within the proposed Lake District – 51% must approve.
5.       Bring the petitions, map and parcels to the County Board. The County Board can then approve the Lake District after it appoints a committee that will report their findings to the County Board after holding Public hearings with a 30 day rebuttal period.
Steps taken –
Both the City of Weyauwega and the Township of Weyauwega have been approached with positive reception of the Lake District in theory

A map was drawn – 1200 feet around the lake impacting 328 landowners. This was presented to the City of Weyauwega. The City of Weyauwega came back with a Lake District encompassing only the riparian land owners.

The consensus of the WLR is that the City needs to be educated as to what a Lake District is supposed to do and what other Lake Districts look like. The WLR Board felt the City did not understand that the watershed and sanitary district need to be included to protect the lake. 

Educate the committees and councils as to the need for, benefit of, and scope of the Lake District.
Jim T and Holly M will attend the Park and Rec. committee meeting
Bob V. and Howard Q. will attend the Town of Royalton board meeting
Bring a speaker (Dennis Krueger of Clintonville Lake District) to educate the council.   

Meeting Adjourned