Monday, June 11, 2012

WLR Regular Meeting May 10, 2012



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attending: Kent Gerard, Dave Werth, Howard Quimby, Ron Wiesman, Bob Van Epps, Jim Tolfa, Bill Zemple, Caroline Zemple. Tyler Nollenberg, Kieth Boelter, Doug Nelsen

1. Call to order Bob V.
2. Approval of April 12 Minutes motion Wiesman, Gerard. Approved
3. Financial Report: Wiesman 25 members. Gerard Zemple approved
4. Vote on NAH Bill: Tabled till next meeting. Motion Werth, secone Wiesman Approved
5. Fundraising:Big Raffle ticket available $5000 sold through the mail.
6. Education Committee
a. Presentation by Justin Sipiorski PHd. Unable to attend.
b. Summerfest July 22: Spot at park, Educational booth. Bob would like the DNR to show up this will be an educational event.
c. Other

7. Grant Committeer: We have flowering rush in the lake and is invasive. DNR is working with Golden Sands and invasive plants. Ted Johnson is the contact person. Get DNR together with Nelson and Me. He will be back with more info.

8. Old Business:
a. Lake Project update; Would we like to keep the lake down till next spring? Discussion next meeting
b. City of Weyauwega. Meeting Report: Will check with city hall Friday.
c. North American Hydro Status: See above
d. Google the Lake: Terra server cost $25 for 8x11 print

9. New Business
a. Public Comment: None.
c. Permits: None needed by the club so far.
d. Nomination for Board: Nominating Carol Zemple, Tolfa second Gerard. Passed Replaces Bob Radtke. Board will be: Jim Tolfa, Kent Gerard, Bob Van Epps, Ron Wiesman, Holly Martin, Dave Werth, Carol Zemple Motion Tolfa, second Gerard passed. New Board.
e. Board Members election:
f. Other

10. Next meeting 14th of June – Ex. Board meeting at 5:oo before regular meeting.

11. Adjourn Meeting : Tolfa

WLR Regular Meeting April 12, 2012


Thursday, April 12, 2012 6:00 PM

Bob Van Epps, Jim Tolfa, Dave Werth, Bob Radtke, Howard Quimby, Don Morgan, Tom Schneider, Holly Martin, Doug Nelson – Nelson Environmental and J&J Transplant. Kent Gerard, (secretary) Caroline Zemple (, Bill Zemple, Wilson, Ron Wiesman, Tyler Nollenberg

1. Approval of March 15th Minutes Motion Tolfa Second Werth Passed
2. Financial Report: Wiesman Membership dues are coming in and the City has provided their second payment of 15K
2-29-12 M&I Balance 8,794.59
Income 2,689.95
Expenses 8,799.52
4-12-12 M&I Balance 2,689.95
3-30-12 1st National Bank Balance 15,001.79
Cash on hand 17,686.81
Motion Radke Second Tolfa accepted

3. Report on Lake Plants and their impact on the lake by Doug Nelson - Motion Tolfa second Gerard to put this on the agenda.

Wet meadow and shallow marsh plants will erupt first. We will most likely need Lily pads in shallow areas, this will block light and prohibit other more undesirable plants while providing cover for fish . Submergent vegetation will help with fish food and nutrient loading. We could also add bull rushes to shallow areas. Native plants American lotus will compete against milfoil seed. Were some of the recommendations by Mr. Nelson.

4. Fundraising: Steve Thomas. Of the tanning spa will have another cookout and April 27-29 Jim Tolfa will sell brats.

Bob Radtke will be sending out letters next week for the $10,000 raffle: Raffle open to the general public 1st of May.

5. Education Committee

a. Beach Raking: The highschool kids came and raked the beach. The beach looks good. There is a warming house that needs to be worked on.
b. Summerfest July 22 Educational event. Need pamphlets
c. Purchase of 3 underwater Cameras:

6. Grant: Plant Consulting by Mr. Nelson consideration: Cost: @25 per hour for consulting for a grant for the necessary plants. (approx. $1,000). The grant would come from the DNR. Make sure to get references on past projects. This was agreed by the body.

7. Old Business:

a. Lake Project update; September 1st the lake refills. Restocking the lake will begin as the pool fills. Ice fishing needs to be suspended.
b. City of Weyauwega. Meeting Report: There was a meeting last summer to determine what the city will do to fix the boat ramps and the piers. Mayor Morgan reports this project has not moved forward to his knowledge. It was resolved that members of WLR will attend the City Public Works meetings to move this forward.
c. North American Hydro Status: NAH is not being sold. Jeremy is happy to work with us.
d. Google the Lake: need good pix of lake. Looking for satellite.

8. New Business
a. Public Comment: None
b. Water Testing: Report is back from the Testing company with no red flags.
c. Permits: None needed by the club so far.
d. Membership: Growing
e. Board Members election next month

9. Next meeting 10th of May

10. Adjourn Meeting : Werth, second Zemple

WLR Regular Meeting March 15, 2012


Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:00 PM
Jim Tolfa Bob Van Epps Bob Radtke Jerry Juve
Dave Werth Ron Wiesman Holly Martin Tom Schneider
Dan Stearns Lynn Ponto
Jerry Schumocker – representing Waupaca Bass Club. (arrived after the meeting

Meeting called to order – Bob Van Epps
Approval of the February 9, 2012 minutes: Motion Wiesman second Tolfa Approved
Treasurer’s report Ron Wiesman: Motion Werth, second Juve - Approved
M&I Bank balance 1/1/2011 8753.59
M&I balance 1/31/2012 8,794.59
First National Bank balance 16,001.53
TOTAL funds 24,796.12
Membership 32

Fund raising report: Bob Van Epps/Bob Radtke: April 2nd Letter will go out for raffle. May 1 raffle opened to all. The drawing will be August 15th 2012.

Education Committee Report: Lynn Ponto Money has not yet been received by Ponto. She will see where the 4K went. The school may have it. Ponto is authorized to purchase a new camera for the kids to use. She will send the bill to the treasurer. Susie Larson who has a PHD in lake studies may be available to help with the lake project, Ponto will find out. The students are testing for PH, Phosphorous and Oxygen in the water. They are also testing for turbidity downstream. They will have a new website, A facebook page was suggested.

Grant Report: We are a Lake Association. Now we need to target what we need grant money for.

New Business:

Repair docks and boat landing – City. Van Epps, Tolfa and Martin will attend the next City planning meeting and report back where this project stands.

Sale of NAH: No Report

Google Map of the lake: The county will do this for us. Follow up required.

Signage on the Lake: Meeting will be called of the board to determine.

Raking the Beach: Ponto will organize this. WLR will provide pizza for lunch.

Meeting Adjourn: Tolfa second Wiesman

Next meeting: April 12, 2012 – same location and time.

WLR General Meeting February 9, 2012



Thursday, February 9, 2012 6:00 PM
Jim Tolfa Bob Van Epps Bob Radtke
Jerry Juve Howard Quimby Ron Wiesman
Ken Gerard Bill Zemple Tom Schneider
Jerry Schumocker – representing Waupaca Bass Club.

Meeting called to order – Bob Van Epps
Approval of the January 12 2012 minutes: With the following changes: The location designated as the Presbyterian church should be the Lutheran Church. Millers Park should be Mellons Park. Motion Quimby second Tolfa – approved.

Treasurer’s report Ron Wiesman:
M&I Bank balance 1/1/2011 15,397.86
NAHC 8,644.29
Donation – WLCC 2,000.00
M&I balance 1/31/2012 8,753.57
First National Bank balance 16,001.39
TOTAL funds 24,754.96
Membership 32
Motion to accept treasurers report Radtke, second Gerard – approved
Ron Wiesman was directed to send WLCC a letter acknowledging and thanking them for their donation of $2,00 toward our effort to restore Weyauwega Lake.

Fund raising report: Bob Van Epps/Bob Radtke: Mailing list to be reviewed by Radtke and Van Epps by March 1 with a mailing date of April 31st for the money raffle. Ron Wiesman asked that he be informed of the raffle dates for the Grill Raffle, Vacation Raffle and Money Raffle held during 2011.

Education Committee Report: It was indicated there has been no report of mileage submitted for reimbursement. Bob Van Epps indicated his intent to check with the DNR regarding what they have done regarding effects of the lake drawdown on the lower river.

Grant Report: No report: Bob Van Epps indicated effort should be made to seek grant replacement of native plants lost as a result of the drawdown. He indicated that DNR Specialist from Hartman’s Creek indicated the ducks will kill many of the plants the first year.

New Business: Jerry Schumocker was present looking for a way the Bass Club could become involved possibly establishing or improving boat launch sites on the lake. He requested he be furnished tentative plans that would allow the club to invest funds and labor. It was suggested the club should coordinate their involvement with the City Administrator. Schumocker’s contact information was entered into the membership rolls.
Sale of NAH: Howard Quimby inquired if anyone knew about the notice of sale of NAH to a company out east, as noted in the County Post. Bob Van Epps will check into this.

Meeting Adjourn: Radtke second Gerard

Next meeting: March 15, 2012 – same location and time.