Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weyauwega Lake Restoration Executive Board Meeting

Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc. Executive Board Meeting

May 19, 2011 8:00 PM

Coffee Klatsch, Weyauwega, WI.

Board Members Present:

Bob Van Epps – President – Called the meeting

Bob Radtke - Vice President –

Ron Wiesman – Treasurer –

David Werth - Legal Counsel –

Holly Martin - Secretary –

Dan Stearns - On Phone

Jim Tolfa -

Bill Zemple

Scott Koehnke – On Phone

Ted Johnson – On Phone


1. Call to order; Bob Van Epps;

2. Quorum Call: Secretary; Quorum present

3. Action: Conference Call with DNR

a. Discussion of inaction on FERC’s part to approve permit in timely manner

b. DNR’s recommendation on permitting process

c. Possible action on above discussion:

45 min call: DNR position is to take the lake down whenever the FERC approves the permit. The DNR will amend their permit to allow the lake to remain down for 1 full year or more if necessary. Fish commitment by the DNR will be honored. Board approved this plan.

It was further approved that a brochure be designed to educate the general public on the status of the lake draw down.

4. Election of 4 new board members – accomplished at last general meeting:

Officers will remain the same.


Bob Van Epps – President

Bob Radtke – Vice President

Ron Wiesman - Treasurer

Holly Martin – Treasurer

Dave Werth – Legal Counsel

Jim Tolfa – Member

Howard Quimby – Member

Kent Jerrard – Member

Bill Zemple - Member

6: Adjourn

Weyauwega Lake Restoration Meeting minutes 5-12-2011



Thursday, May 12 2011

6:00 PM

Bill Zempel

Jim Tolfa Bob Van Epps Howard Quimby

Holly Martin Tom Schneider Dave Werth

Kent Jerrard Ron Wiesman Keith Bolter

1. Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.

2. Approval of April 14, 2011 minutes Motion Jim T. Second Dave W Approved

3. Financial Report – Ron Wiesman (Holly Martin for Ron)

M&I Account

4-12-2011 Opening Bal 3,902.54

5-12-2011 Closing Bal 5,062.54

Waupaca County Rescourses Foundation 3,650.00

First National Account

4-12-2011 16.000.00

5-12-2011 16.000.32

TOTAL 24,712.86

a. Paid membership update: 24 paid member

b. Donations Report: $250 Agropur

c. Foundation under 501 (c) 3: Waiting for a call back.

4. Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.

a. NAH Contract Update Bob V Dave W:

Still waiting for update from FERC. Dave Contacted FERC – not very familiar with the project. “Project is under review and should be ready soon” There is no definition of “Soon”

Bob VE. Talked with Matt Harp Aquatic plants will seed and we will not get relief from the weeds.

Dave W. There is nothing we can do about the FERC.

Drop dead date of June 1 to decide if we should pull the plug and not take the lake down this year but apply for another permit or just let the lake go.

b. Permit process with FERC: Dave W: We are now 73 days and waiting

5. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.:

a. New London Days Jim T. Suggests a Hawaii Vacation package with a $20 ticket 500 tickets to be sold. (Package to cost 3K Revenue 7K) Cost of the trip: Will have by next meeting.

c. Next Raffle Project – Bob R. Sold 110 tickets -

6. Education Committee Report – Connie A., Carrie E., Lynn P. no report

7. Grant Committee Report – Holly M. No Report

8. New Business

a. Public Comment

Motion Should we join Shadows on the Wolf and Lake Alliance? No to the Lake Alliance and the Shadows on the Wolf needs further investigation Jim T. - Kent J. approved.

b. Volunteers for weed and fish saving during drawdown: Bob V. and Jim T. feel there will be a good supply of volunteers.

New board members: Dan Stern and Ray Schalkowski retired from the board

Motion to nominate Bill Zemple Jim T , K Bolter second Approved

Motion for Kent Jerrard. Jim T, Ron W second Approved

Ron Wiesman and Howard Quimby will stay on the Board. Passed.

9. Next Meeting: June 2, 2011 Same location.

10. Meeting Adjourned: Ron W. Second Dave W. Meeting Adjourned.