Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lake Weyauwega Restoration General Meeting 

 Thursday, December 8, 2011 6:00 PM

In Attendance
Jim Tolfa             Bob Van Epps       Kathy Lodes
Tom O’Day         Dave Werth           Jerry Juve
Nathan Wilson    Ken Gerard          Don Morgan           
Bill Zemple         Tom Schneider      Holly Martin
Tyler Nolenberg

1.   Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.

2.   Approval of November 10, 2011 minutes Motion Jim T. Second Kent G. Approved

3.   Financial Report – Ron Wiesman motion Jim T. second Dave W. Approved
           Check Book:        $474.54
           First National  Ban  $16,001.13               
             a.     Membership We have 32 paid members

4. Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.
      a.   Archeological Survey : Discussion by the Group: Read the report discussion next meeting
      b.    Payment to NAH: Reported on by Bob V. We are waiting on the bill.
      c.    Payment for Lynn Ponto: Invoice to the City has been sent to the County for payment, Gas for the kids will also be taken out of this fund.
      d.    Waupaca Bass Club: They are interested in a joint project with WLR after drawdown complete to encourage fishing.        
      e.    Down Stream property owners: DNR the problems will be short term.  Property owners think this is a long term issue. We will wait and see.
5.    Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.: Jim is taking on another vacation raffle. This one will start later in the year. Bob R. will again do the 10K raffle.

6.   Education Committee Report – Connie A., Carrie E., Lynn P. no report
7.   Grant Committee Report – Holly M. DNR has accepted us as a lake Association as soon as we get the letter.

8. Next Meeting: January 12, 2011 Weyauwega Library, 6:00 pm .
9. Meeting Adjourned Jim T.

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