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Lake Weyauwega General Meeting October 2011

Lake Weyauwega Restoration General Meeting 
Thursday, October 13,  2011
4:00 PM

In Attendance:     
 Dave Werth       Dan Stearns        Tom O’Day
Bob Van Epps      Holly Martin        Bob Radtke 
Sheryl Scheuermann

1.  Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.

2.  Approval of September 8, 2011 minutes Revision: change 1st State Bank to 1st National Bank: Motion to approve as revised Dave W. Second Bob R. Approved

3.   Financial Report – Ron Wiesman :  No Report
4.   Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W
a.  Archeological Study- Draft Reprot  We have the draft, Dave W. brought the final Report to be posted on the Web site.
b.   Mapping Lake Bottom -  Plans are moving forward for mapping the lake bottom. This is important information we will not have another chance to map. Of most import are the springs at the west end of the lake where the islands are.
c.   Islands and Wildlife Sanctuary: In a meeting with the City, Scott Koehnke indicated that it is illegal to fire a gun within 500 feet of an Eagle nest.  The area by the islands Scott also stated were fu springs and a feeder creek (Whiskey Creek) that kept the area marshy. This may be a good setting for a managed sanctuary. When the lake bottom is mapped, this area will need careful consideration. Islands – Plan for improving  1. Groups who are interested in projects around the this wildlife sanctuary Organization Committee to form:  2. Sediment pond location and operation if necessary:
d.   Lake refuse cleanup Bob V.  The cleanup will be after the ground is partially frozen so we can get to the areas where the tires are. Right now they are in boggy soupy areas where you can not walk.
e. Permits needed to restore lake Bob V. In a discussion with the City Counsel, Scott Koehnke made clear how permitting will work. Boat Landings: a $50 permit and proof of ownership along with a plan. Piers: No permit needed if the pier will be 6ft wide or less. Rip Rap: $50 permit. DNR prefers 6” to 24” field stone.  Scott also requested that before anything is done to clear it with his office. 
f.  City Improvements: The City is planning on improving and repairing all existing boat launches. They are planning on extending the pier at the swim beach in Peterson Park so it will also serve as a fishing pier. The same kind of improvement is being considered for the boat launch pier on North Lake Street. There is a second canoe launch/portage planned for the north side of the lake near Mill Pond Circle.
5.   Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T
a,  Hawaiian Vacation Raffle Final report  Jim T, The vacation raffle was also a success and made us $2,900. The winner was Ross Marks and he is going to Jamaica. Jim will also hold this raffle again in 2012.
b. Annual Raffle with two 5K prizes Final Report Bob R. will do another Raffle similar to the one he did this year, in 2012. This year’s raffle was successful.
6.  Education Committee Report –  Lynn P. No Report

7.   Grant Committee Report – Holly M.  Application is in the hands of the DNR -  

8.   New Business
    a. Public Comment – Tom O’Day. Reported to the group on the condition of the river downstream from the lake. Residents are becoming concerned by the amount of muck clogging the river. It was the suggestion of the group that pictures be taken for comparison and to document the condition of the river bed and the changes that are occurring. Tom asked that a meeting be set up with a DNR water expert to discuss a remedy for the river bed.
10. Next Meeting: November 10, 2011 Weyauwega Public Library – Meeting Rooms
11. Meeting Adjourned:  Motion Bob R. Second Sheryl S.

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