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Weyauwega Lake Restorartion General Meeting. 
Thursday, September 8,  2011
4:00 PM

In Attendance:   
   Jim Tolfa                Bill Zemple    Tyler Nollenberg
   Howard Quimby    Bob Van Epps  Holly Martin 
   Don Morgan           Bob Radtke                         
lly Martin                             Jim Tolfa                             Bill Zemple                             Bob Van Epps
1.  Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.
2.   Approval of August 11, 2011 minutes Motion Bob R Second Jim T Approved
3.   Financial Report – Ron Wiesman :  
        Bal  6/30/2011 (Check Book- M&I)     5,674.48
        Dep    11,160.00
        Expenses   -12,025.80
        Transfer from County    4,470.00         
        Total  9/1/2011 (Check Book)   9,278.68
        Total from 1st National Bank Account  16,000.86
        Total All accounts    25,279.54
        Motion to approve: Jim T. second Howard Q. Approved
4.   Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W
     a.    Archeological Study Progress Dave W. They were her he thinks, Bob R. talked to them but there is nothing to report
     b.     Mapping Lake Bottom  This will happen in the fall when there has been a frost since the lake bottom is still very soft and you can’t walk on it.
    c.     Lake refuse cleanup Bob V. This will happen after a freeze for the same reason as listed above. Tires need to be removed. 
     d.    Permits needed to restore lake Bob V. Holly M will call to see where we stand with this.
5.  Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.:
     a.    New London Cheese and Sausage Sat. Sept 10th – Still have 200 tickets. Hope to sell them here.
     b.    Hawaiian Vacation Raffle  Jim T, See above.  Jim T. will have the final numbers at the next meeting.
     c.    Annual Raffle with two 5K prizes:.Did not sell all tickets but enough to more than cover expenses, Bob with have the final numbers at the next meeting

6.  Education Committee Report –  Lynn P. No report

7.  Grant Committee Report – Holly M. Met with Sheryl The form for the Lake district has been completed and sent to the DNR for approval. The approval is for status as a Lake Association.

8.  Islands – Plan for improving  - Bob V. Holly M will call the DNR to see what their take is on this

9.  Public Information Project Report Holly M.  1000 pamphlets were printed and most were distributed at the events and around Weyauwega.

10.  New Business
     a. Public Comment – None               
11. Next Meeting: October 13, 2011 Weyauwega Public Library – Meeting Rooms
12. Meeting Adjourned: 

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