Tuesday, August 9, 2011






Thursday, July 14, 2011

4:00 PM

Bill Zempel Sheryl Scheuermann Joel Bohringer

Jim Tolfa Bob Van Epps Kieth Boelter

Holly Martin Tom Schneider Howard Quimby

Dave Werth Ron Wiesman Bob Radtke

Mary Fisher Lynn Ponto

1. Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.

2. Approval of June 9, 2011 minutes Motion Tom S. Second Jim T Approved

3. Financial Report – Ron Wiesman : June 30, 2011
Cash on hand all accounts 26,145.07
First payment to NAH in October. Balance does not reflect payout for upcoming raffles.
Motion to approve Jim T. Second Bob R. Approved

4. Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.
  a. Fish Rescue – Not needed
  b. Weed Removal – Not needed
  c. Mussel Rescue – Not needed
  d. Black Tern Nest update – On hold

5. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.:
  a. New London Cheese and Sausage Sat. Sept 10th – Booth Rented
  b. Hawaiian Vacation Raffle Jim T. Trip can be for anywhere for the face value of the tickers. Sales are going well expect to sell all the tickets.
  c. Annual Raffle with two 5K prizes: Tickets sold enough to cover prizes to date.

6. Education Committee Report – Lynn P. Students are still taking data up and down stream.
Web site is up and posting data. Over the summer this may slow down but will pick up in September.

7. Grant Committee Report – Holly M. No Report

8. Should we join Shadows on the Wolf . Bob V. will report next month

9. New Business
  a. Best way to inform the Public – Questions gathered by Jim T. The last tri –fold pamphlet was very successful we should revisit with answers to the questions. Holly M. will design. Sheryl S. informed the meeting that the city will issue a permit for door hangers at a cost of $5. We could then place a pamphlet in every home.
  b. Permits for additional improvement – There needs to be a discussion on what needs to be improved with the lake and what permits we want to apply for. Bob V. Will report next meeting.

10. Next Meeting: August 11, 2011 WEYAUWEGA LIBRARY 4:00 PM

11. Meeting Adjourned: Jim T. Meeting Adjourned.

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