Friday, August 10, 2012

WLR Regular Meeting Minutes June 14, 2012


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attending: Kent Gerard, Dave Werth, Howard Quimby, Ron Wiesman, Bob Van Epps, Jim Tolfa, Bill Zemple, Caroline Zemple, Justin Sipiorski, Mike Kemp, Morgan, Lynn Ponto, Amy DeSantis

1. Call to order Bob V.

2. Approval of May Minutes motion Wiesman, B.Zemple. Approved

3. Financial Report: Wiesman 29 members now. Gerard Zemple Approved

M&I Opening Bal May 10th 6201.23

     deposite: 2550.00

     expenses 100.97

Bal 6-13-2012 8650.26

First National 30,003.32

MotionQuimby Second Werth Approved

4. Fundraising: Big Raffle ticket sold 150. August 12th drawing party. Critical for success of the group.

a. Summerfest July 22: Jim Tolfa,Bob Van Epps will go there Educational Event. Powerpoint.

b. Event with Wega Arts September 14th : Lynn Ponto Justin an Doug.

5. Education Committee

a. Presentation by Justin Sipiorski PHd. Looking to associate with a lake association. Interest in the lower Waupaca river shed. Introduced Specie of interest Pug nose minnow. Favors weedy slow habitat. Only habitat was Lake Weyauwega in 1970. Two other species. River Darter and Western Sand Darter. May be in the lake. Samples need to be taken now while the lake is down and throughout the fill and after. John Lions state ichthyologist might like to come here. Fish ladder to reintroduce sturgeon to the lake and allow them to pass up and down the river system. Would bring diversity back to the lake. Mono culture of plants is a bad idea. Wants to build a group to take a watershed approach to manage the area. Bob Freckman herbologist at Stevens Point.

b. Education Report Lynn Ponto. New class of Environment Ed class. These kids would be tasked with the reporting but she will still have volunteers but this will double or triple her work force.

6. Grant Committeer: No Report

7. Old Business:

8. a. Public Comment: None.

b. City permits – Public Works. Mike K Jim T Schumacher Howard Q.

c. Individual permits till July 12th

9. Next meeting July 12th Library 6:00 PM

10. Adjourn Meeting : Jim

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