Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weyauwega Lake Restoration Meeting Notes 9-9-2010

Minutes – September 9, 2010 4:00 P.M.


1. In Attendance:

Dan Stearn - Howard Quimby - Bob Radtke
Ron Wiesman - Bob Van Epps - Joy Van Epps
Sandy Schneider - Jim Tolfa  - Holly Martin

2. Introduction of those in attendance – Name, Address Sign in Sheet.

3. Approval of August 13, 2010 minutes: with the caveat that the boundaries of the proposed lake district be removed as they are not yet determined. Motion by Bob V. Second – Bob R. Approved

4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman: Opening Balance July 31st 17,620.34
Closing Balance August 31st 14,565.75

5. Project Update Report – Bob V. Holly M. – Resolved: Send Letter of Credit Registered Mail with return receipt. Send Punch List to Jereme Klassy, Scott Koehnke and Ted Johnson. Punch list contains the tasks remaining to complete the drawdown permit from both the DNR and the FERC.

a. Punch List tasks
i. Deliver Letter of Credit to North American Hydro
ii. Comments from US Fish and Wildlife Service
iii. Comments from State Historical Preservation Officer
iv. Impact statement on private shallow wells

Motion Jim T. Second Ron W. passed

6. Report, Fundraising Bob R. – First annual event was successful.
Winners 10,000 - Lucky Jim and Joyce, 2,000 – Willy Schumacher, 1,000 – Sue Prilliwitz
22 $100 winners

Bernice Schoenik - Jack Mielke - Dan Gonzalez
Dan Hahn - Guy’s Horseshoe Amherst
Robbe Secka - Mark Gerner - Dick Stanke
Gary Swanson - Ralph Nett - Dale Schuanke
Darla Graichen - Steve Prillwitz - Jeanette Tofa
Dan & Jayne Exner - Clyde Schumacher
Scott Nett - Paul Nett - Tony & Megan
Larry & Tina Larsen - Tom O’Day
Mike & Laura Knaus

7. Report, 501(c)3, No report

8. Report, Education – Holly M. Will follow up with Connie E. for list of equipment

9. Grant Committee Report Holly M. – We are not eligible for grants until we are a 501(c)3 or a Lake district. Howard Q. and Bob V. will follow up with the City and Town councils. Town of Weyauwega should be approached to set aside monies for the lake with an eye toward a lake district.

10. Membership – Ron W, We now have 23 paid members.

11. Comments: Proposed – Put Whitetails and Trout clubs on the membership list.
Next Meeting – October 14th 2010, W/F High school Library 4:00

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