Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Meeting Minutes - Lake Weyauwega Restoration


  1. In Attendance:
Don Morgan
Dan Stearns
Bill Zemple
Bob Radtke
Ron Wiesman
Bob Van Epps
Joy Van Epps
Jim Tolfa
Holly Martin
Connie Abert
Dave Werth


  1. Introduction of those in attendance – Name, Address Sign in Sheet.

  1. Approval of October 14, 2010 minutes:  motion by Bob R..  second – Ron W.. Approved

  1. Financial Report – Ron Weisman:        Closing Balance October  31st                16,898.00

  1. Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W. – Dave W; Update: Communication with Jereme Klassy from NAH, We have to pay to have a historical artifact search study done on the lake once it is drawn down. (no documentation on this report from NAH) Dave will ask for documentation. US Fish and Wildlife – There is no documentation or comment on their findings from NAH. Dave will work on this. Target date to draw down the lake is April. Without the documentation and the approval of FERC we will miss this drawdown deadline
  2. Report, Fundraising (Raffle Tickets) – Jim T. Bob R. and Bill Z.:  In the works is a Ice Fishing event in conjunction with Fire On Ice on February 13. Bob V. has secured a large tent for the event through Joe Wyngaard. Jim T. reports the raffle tickets are selling well.  Bob R. reports a second anonymous donor’s matching gift has been matched by Terry Gerlach. That’s another $1,000.00.

  3. Education Committee Report – Connie Abert: Connie informed us that the educational project by the school is in motion, additional equipment is coming and the time lapse photography is already being done.  Thanks to Connie!

  1. Grant Committee – Holly M.  Motion by Holly M. second by Jim T. to accept Waupaca County Natural Resources Foundation to handle our grants and specific contributions under their 501 (c) 3 for tax exemption, motion carried. A new Grant committee will be put together to look for additional funding – anyone interested in helping, please contact Holly M. or Bob v.
  2. Discussion of Lake District Bob V. and Jim T. to meet with Town of Weyauwega in December. Holly M and Jim T met with the City of Weyauwega in November.
  3. Paid membership is up to 40
  4. Next meeting: Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 6:00 pm. Please note the new time Motion to change the time Holly M. and Jim T. Carried.
  5. Motion to adjourn by Bob R, second Jim T. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010
6:00 PM

1.         Introduction of those in attendance (appoint secretary)
2.         Approval of November 11, 2010 minutes
3.         Financial Report – Ron Wiesman
                        a.         Paid membership update
                        b.         Donations Report
4.         Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.
                        a.         Progress with NAH with documentation
                        b.         Permit process with FERC
                        c.         Lake District
5.         Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.
                        a.         Raffle ticket sale progress
                        b.         Ice Fishing Event
6.         Education Committee Report – Connie A., Carrie E., Lynn P.
                        a.         Status of equipment order
                        b.         Student progress
7.         Grant Committee Report – Holly M.
                        a.         Available Grants
                        b.         Possible budgets.

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