Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weyauwega Lake Restoration Executive Board Meeting Minutes 9-8-2010

Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc.

Board Meeting - 4:00 PM Coffee Klatsch
September 8, 2010

In Attendance:

Bob Van Epps -  Dan Stearns - Howard Quimby
Dave Werth - Holly Martin
Bob Radtke - Jim Tolfa

1. Raffle Tickets Approval – Jim T. New raffle for XL Primo ceramic grill and smoker. Suggestions that an end date be set of February 12th . Approved

2. Weyauwega Lake Drawdown Permit and Plan: Bob V. Letters from Jereme Klassy, Scott Koehnke, and Ted Johnson were presented to the board for consideration. Bob v. brought in the “Letter of Intent” from First National Bank. It was decided the letter should be sent by Dave Worth with a conversation as to the completion of the contract. Efforts should be taken to determine the status of the Historical Societies progress. Approved

3. Other Comments: None.

Meeting Adjourned

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