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Meeting Minutes April 14 2011

Thursday, April 14  2011
6:00 PM
Bill Zempel                             Kathy Lodes                          
Don Morgan                          Howard Quimby                   
Jim Tolfa                                Bob Van Epps
Sheryl Scheuermann             Holly Martin                          
Tom Schneider                      Connie Abert                         
Dave Werth                           Jerry Juve
Ken Jerrard                           Ron Wiesman
1.         Introduction of those in attendance Bob V.

2.         Approval of March 10, 2011 minutes Motion Ron W. Second Jim T.. Approved

3.         Financial Report – Ron Wiesman  (Holly Martin for Ron)
M&I Account           
3-11-2011 Opening Bal                  3,572.54
                        4-12-2011 Closing Bal                    3,902.54
                        First National Account
                        3-11-2011                                        16.000.00
                        4-12-2011                                        16.000.00
                        a.         Paid membership update: 16 paid member
                        b.         Donations Report: $250 Agropur
c.         Foundation under 501 (c) 3: Waiting for a call back.

4.         Project Update Report – Bob V. Dave W.
                        a.         NAH Contract Update Bob V Dave W:
                                    NAH wants the entire project paid in 4 payments. The first payment will be due in July with 90 days to pay. Dave Suggests we use the line of credit to pay NAH, and the Savings Accounts to pay off the loan we will have with First National Bank. Bob V and Jim T went to NAH in Neshkoro and met with Mike Bollinger, the  CFO of NAH to hammer out the terms of the Contract. Pay out in one year with the first payment in July of 2011, The sum of 68K is to include lost revenue and costs: They will use an average of years excluding 2010 (this was a record year for them) to determine the revenue lost. The letter of credit would not have to be kept at 68K.  A motion was made to accept the contract: Motion by Dave W. Second Jim T - Approved
b.          Permit process with FERC: Dave W: Sent in March 1st , they have 30 days – April 1st.  Now 14 days overdue, Dave W. will follow up.
5.         Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R & Jim T.:
a.         New London Days Jim T.  Suggests a Hawaii Vacation package with a $20 ticket 500 tickets to be sold. (Package to cost 3K Revenue 7K)
                        c.         Next Raffle Project – Bob R. Letters have been mailed out and read as follows:
Lake Weyauwega Restoration, Inc.
Dear Friends:
Lake Weyauwega Restoration, Inc. is holding a cash raffle. The raffle proceeds will help us restore Lake Weyauwega. We will be selling 500 tickets. The price of each ticket is $50.00. There will be 20 winning tickets.
Cash Prizes will be:
            1st prize $5,000                        2nd prize $5,000                       3rd  prize $1,000
            4th prize $1,000                       5th prize $500 Savings bond    6th prize $500 Savings Bond
14 lucky winners $100. (The first Savings bond is donated by 1st National Bank, the second savings bond is donated by M&I Bank 
Lake Weyauwega Restoration, Inc. in working in conjunction with the Waupaca County Natural Resources Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, non-political organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

By way of this letter, we are offering you a chance to purchase raffle tickets before we open sales to the general public. You may fill out the order blank (below) or contact Bob Radtke 920-867-2703 or 920-867-3666. If you order tickets via order blank, your tickets will be sent to you immediately. Tickets may also be purchased at the Hitching Post Grill & Sports Bar. E5646 Lakeshore Drive, Weyauwega, WI 54983 – 920-867-3666.

The raffle begins upon receipt of this letter. It will be opened to the general public on April 14th.
The raffle party and drawing will be at the Hitching Post on Sunday, July 31st, 2 pm-4 pm.
The drawing will start at 3 pm.
Free beer, soda and hors d’oeuvres will be available. Come on out – everyone is sure to have a great time!
REMEMBER – we are only selling 500 tickets. Get your tickets early!

We thank you in advance – your generosity is appreciated. Without your help, our restoration projects could not be possible.

500 X 50 =                           $25,000.00
Prizes =                                 $13,400.00
Profit =                                 $11,600.00 Less mailing, printing and drawing costs

Prizes =
6.         Education Committee Report – Connie A., Carrie E., Lynn P. Connie A. reported on the assembly at the school where Scott K. provided information to the students on the Lake Draw Down and how this is an historic draw down because it is the first using GPS and being so closely monitored by the students. (pictures posted on Facebook). Connie asked that the School be informed when the lake was taken down so the kids could be there.  The kids will continue to monitor the lake upstream and downstream during the drawdown.
7.         Grant Committee Report – Holly M. No Report
8.         New Business
                        a.         Public Comment
                                    Kathy Lodes: Should we join Shadows on the Wolf and Lake Alliance.
b.         Volunteers for weed and fish saving during drawdown: Bob v. and Jim T. feel there will be a good supply of volunteers.

9. Next Meeting: May 12, 2011 Same location.
10. Meeting Adjourned:   Ron W. Second Dave W. Meeting Adjourned.

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