Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Public Hearing - Weyauwega Lake Drawdown Permit

Today was the Public Hearing for Weyauwega Lake. We had 22 people from the community attend. Most of the people who spoke, spoke in support of the plan. We had one person who was worried the drawdown might harm his well but since his well is 22 ft and the drawdown will be 10 ft the DNR doesn't think there will be a problem but they will confer with their expert. All in all a better than expected outcome.

There was a meeting with the board and NEW Hydro to iron out the last details. We went through the punch list of things that need to be done. Everything was addressed with the exception of the final sign off by the State Historical Preservation Officer. We anticipate this will be a formality because the DNR already did the search and the Lake was drawn down in 1972 and that drawdown would have triggered the preliminary archaeological survey.

If everything goes without a hitch, we will set the date for the drawdown as September 1

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