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Weyauwega Lake Restoration Minutes 2-11-2010

MEETING OF FEBRUARY 11, 2010 6:00 P.M.

Those in attendance at this gathering were:

Bob Van Epps
Scott Dischler - Vierbicher
Angie Landsverk - JCP
Holly Martin
Don Morgan
Howard Quimby
Bob Radtke
Ray Schalkowski
Dan Stearns
Jim Tolfa
David Werth
Mike Winters

1. Introduction of those in attendance – sign in sheet

2. Present the Co-Chairpersons & Recorder

Amended Minutes – 500 tickets must be sold for a total of 50 *500 = 25,000 of that roughly 15,000 will be given out in prizes

3. Approval of January 14, 2010 minutes as amended

4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman - $7102 + $100 from Kevin Peterson = $7202

5. Old Business:

a. Update on the Bathometric survey event
Scott Dischler reported on the results of the study as follows:
There is 7 ft of sediment in the center cross section of the lake, there is no discernable channel. 1.2 million cubic yards of sediment is contained in the lake.
Scott recommended exploring an engineering plan to make channels through the lake to change the topography of the lake bottom. There will need to be further testing of the sediment, besides the core samples taken during the bathometric survey, if we want to sell it. Scott also proposed a sediment trap at the delta of the lake to prevent further sedimentation.
As to the proposed draw down, Scott commented it would do little or nothing to correct the present problems but because the DNR insists upon it, it should be done. Maps were produced to show the result of the study.

Bob V asked if the on-peak power generation methods used prior to the steady generation of power had prevented the sediment staying in the lake. Scott did not think so.

b. Is a 501 (c) 3 the next step
Dave Worth reports we need to review the bylaws in regards to the disposition of any monies should the organization dissolve. We also need supporting documents and information to move the process forward.
Cost for process of becoming a 501 (c) 3 if monies raised in one fiscal year is over 10,000 will be $800 otherwise $400.

c. Fundraising report
Bob R. reports he is waiting for names. He must have 500 people purchase the tickets so he needs over 500 names. Howard Quimby has looked into getting the raffle license. There is a concern about when the group was formed. Bob V. will look into that and let Howard know.

d. Grant Committee Report
Appropriation request was sent to Congressman Kegan. The request is for draining the lake, reclaiming the beaches, infrastructure for the City of Weyauwega to support fishing and recreational activity associated with the Lake. A copy of the request can be found at

e. Report on presentation to Weyauwega City Council
Bob V. Jim T. Howard Q. and Holly M. went before the city council to present the progress Weyauwega Lake Restoration Inc. has made in restoring the lake.

f. Other
Payment for the Bathometric survey was discussed and decided that it will be paid upon receipt of bill. The cost will be $2,500 for the study and $500 for the core samples and the laboratory findings. Total cost to be $3,000. Motion carried

Bob v. brought up the point that some of the people who came to drill holes in the ice hit dirt and sand, dulling their drill bits. It was Bob’s position that Weyauwega Lake Restoration Inc would pay for having the augers sharpened. Motion carried

6. New Business:

a. Possible discussion/presentation by Ted Johnson/DNR on research below the dam
Ted did not attend the meeting

b. Set next meeting date
Next Meeting will be March 11th at the same location.

c. Other
Bob V want to move forward with the formal hearing process with the DNR. Reports are being gathered. Bob V. will determine the next step and bring it to the next meeting.

Matt harp requested a detailed plan and budget for doing the water temp and monitoring. We need to determine this and get it to Matt.

7. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn made by Bob V seconded by Dave W


THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 2010 6:00 P.M.

1. Introduction of those in attendance – Names, addresses (sign in sheet)
2. Present the Co-Chairperson & Recorder
3. Approval of February 11, 2010 minutes
4. Financial Report, Ron Weisman
5. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob Radtke, Howard Quimby
6. Grant Committee Report – Holly Martin, Jim Tolfa, Sherry Scheuermann, Howard Quimby, Bob Van Epps
7. Old Business: Update on Bathometric survey – Holly, other
8. New Business:
a. Schools – Carrie Esch – UWEX Bob V. Holly M.
b. DNR position & time tables – Bob V. The next step, are we ready
c. Possible discussion with Al Niebuhr/Ted Johnson DNR
d. Set next meeting date
e. Other


Bring your list of names & mailing addresses for the raffle mailing! If we are going to do the draw down on the lake, it’s very important to give Bob R. your list of names a.s.a.p.

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