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Weyauwega Lake Restoration Meeting Minutes February 2, 2010 Click Here for Research site

MEETING OF FEBRUARY 11, 2010 6:00 P.M.

Those in attendance at this gathering were:
Bob Van Epps Jr.
Joy Van Epps
Connie Albert UW Extension
Matt Harp Lakes & Ponds Solutions
Jerry Juve
Angie Landsverk JCP Reporter
Holly Martin
Tom O'Day
Howard Quimby
Bob Radtke
Tom Schneider
Jim Tolfa
Ron Wiesman

1. Introduction of those in attendance – sign in sheet

2. Present the Co-Chairpersons & Recorder

3. Approval of February 11 minutes.

4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman – Balance of $7557.51. We received a donation by Trega Foods of $500. Motion to accept report and have Ron W. write a thank you note to Trega Foods for their donation. Moved by Bob, second Bob R – passed.

5. Old Business:
1. 501c 3 moving forward: Ron W: motion to send in the 501(c)3 license for the cost of $400 to the Federal government when the articles of incorporation have been changed and filed and the By-laws have been approved by the group . Jim T: Second. Discussion opened by Bob V. Howard Q. We need to bring our By-laws and Articles of incorporation up to date. Howard Q. was able to produce articles of incorporation with the State of Wisconsin. Passed

2. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob R. Howard Q.
Expenses: Mailing, Free Beer and h’oeuvres during the drawing.
License: We will run the raffle under our own Raffle license.
Mechanics of Raffle: Bob has enough names and he has drafted a letter. He will sell only 500 tickets. Letters will go out as soon as we get our raffle license. The drawing will be held on a Sunday
Prizes: (1)$10K (1)$2K (1)$1K (22) $100 After expenses 8K.
Motion to accept report: Jim T. second: Ron W. motion passed.

3. Grant Committee Report – Holly Martin, Jim Tolfa, Sherry Scheuermann, Howard Quimby, Bob Van Epps. Holly reported on the appropriation request. She asked that everyone please send letters, call or email Kagen, Obey, Finegold to support Weyauwega Lake. Holly will send the membership the contact information for our representatives. Addendum – Our proposal has been included in the Appropriations Bill to be voted on this summer.

4. Old Business: Update on Bathometric survey – Holly, other
BobV Report on meeting with Scott Koehnke of the DNR: Scott has not filed the reports. Scott will not sign permits for anything other than draining the lake. Scott has not done his environmental report on the lake. We have one window to get this job done.
Discussion with the group continued.
Wiseman made a motion that Bob set up the meetings Scott to continue. Seconded by Bob R motion passed. Addendum: Bob V. Holly M. Jim T. and Howard Q. meet with Scott Koehnke, and Ted Niebur of the DNR: The decisions at this meeting were to move forward with the drawdown in 2010 beginning in late summer or early fall. Subsequent meetings to be scheduled with North American Hydro are yet to be set.

5. New Business:
a. Schools – Connie Albert from – UWEX Bob V. Holly M.
We are very happy that Connie is going to spearhead an effort to organize our schools on in the field investigation and feels that a very good program can be developed to get the schools directly involved. Connie presented that they have already set up a program in the W/F School district to ascertain how to best use the trees on the school’s property to teach children, Sandy Dykes has a program that will work with monitoring the lake. There are other parts of the curriculum that could work with the drawdown of the lake. They will have to see what happens with the lake before they make any final decisions. Bob V. made a recommendation that Connie and Matt H. work together with Carrie Esch/UWEX and the students to monitor the lake.

Matt Harp asked for a copy of the $5,000 monitoring grant, Bob V. had one and lent it to Matt

b. DNR position & time tables – Bob V. The next step, are we ready – Tabled to meeting with the DNR.
c. Possible discussion with Al Niebuhr/Ted Johnson DNR – Tabled to meeting with DNR
d. Set next meeting date Thursday April 8th 2010 Weyauwega high school library.

Motion to adjourn Bob V. Bob R.: Motion passes

Agenda Thursday April 8 2010 meeting

1. Introduction of those in attendance: Names, addresses (sign in sheet)
2. Present the Co-Chairpersons & Recorder
3. Approval of March 11, 2010 minutes
4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman
5. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob Radtke, Howard Quimby
6. Grant Committee Report – Holly Martin, Jim Tolfa, Sherry Scheuermann, Howard Quimby, Bob Van Epps
7. Education Committee Report – Connie Albert, Carrie Esch, & Matt Harp
a. Amend Articles of Incor4poration – Howard & Holly
b. Update on 501(c)3 – Howard
c. Other
a. March 9, 2010 Addendum to original plan submitted to DNR
b. Research on endangered species in Lake Weyauwega – possible request for funding
c. Possible action to be taken for insurance riders – Ryan/Ray H.
d. Informational report on fish netting done by DNR this past month
e. Set next meeting date
f. Other


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