Friday, November 6, 2009

Lake Weyauwega Project October Meegting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2009

October Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc. Meeting Minutes
Meeting 6:00 PM Hitching Post, Weyauwega

Those in attendance were: Bob Radtke, Wilber Robinson, Bill Jonely, Howard Quimby, Kent Gerard, Dave Werth, and Ryan Hutchinson.

Minutes of the September 14 meeting were reviewed. Motion was made by Wilber Robinson and second by Howard Quimby to approve the minutes as presented. All voted aye.

Financial receipts and expenditures reported by Ron Wiesman were reviewed. Cash on deposit after payment of expenses amounts to 4930.26. Motion was made by Dave Werth and seconded by Bob Radtke to accept the report. All voted Aye

Discussion lead by Wilber Robinson to do something for Paul Paulson for the exceptional work he did to promote and make the boat raffle a success. Pros and Cons of making special financial recognition were reviewed. All agreed we appreciate his efforts, but thought it best not to set a precedent.

Discussion held on the need to revise corporate by-laws and the articles of incorporation. Howard Quimby reported on his discussion with a representative of the State Corporations Division of the Department of Financial Institutions. Revision can be made to our current filing with their office. It was suggested that we revise our by-laws and articles of incorporation to allow a filing for a federal 501 (c) 3 status and then make the revision to the state filing prior to filing for the federal tax exempt status. All agreed a committee of the current board of directors to meet October 22 at 6:00 PM to work on revisions to be presented to members at the November monthly meeting.

Bob Radtke presented funds totaling 1120.00 as net proceeds from a Pig Roast held by his family and himself to raise funds for the lake restoration. He related the event was a learning experience and indicated it could have been more successful with added promotion.

Meeting of the Amherst Lake Management Planning Committee on October 15 was brought to the group’s attention. Howard Quimby indicated he, Hollis Martin and Bob Van Epps would be attending the meeting to learn what their group was doing with the assistance of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Kent Gerard introduced himself and indicated a desire to work with the membership to improve conditions of the lake.
Motion was made by Dave Werth and Seconded by Wilber Robinson to adjourn with the next meeting to be November 9, 2009 6:00 PM at the Hitching Post. All voted aye.

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