Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September Lake Weyauwega Regular Meeting


MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 14, 2009  6:00 P.M.

Those in attendance at this gathering were: Bob Radtke, Tom & Sandy Schneider, Holly martin, Paul Paulson, Joel Bohringer, Ray Schalkowski, Wilbur Robinson, Jim Tolfa, John Hildebrand, Howard Quimby, Ryan Hutchinson, Bob Van Epps.
Bob v. read the August 10th minutes then held the meeting for a few moments to recognize Jon Betker, from Rosholt, WI who was the winner of the boat, motor & trailer raffle. Minutes of August 10, 2009 were approved.

Howard Quimby gave the financial report. We have a current balance of $8,970.00. A copy of the report is below.


When we resemed the meeting, Howard Quimby, our Vice President, gave us a review of the funding activities. Along with Jon Betker having won the boat, motor, & trailer, the other winners were as follows: Oscar B. Gilbertson from Manawa won the $300 cash prize, Dennis Kotloski of Oshkosh won the $200 cash prize, and Kody Hawkins of Fremont won the $100 cash prize. Howard then presented the cost of $4,729.19 to us that the Weyauwega Lake conservation Club (WLCC) paid out for the boat, motor & trailer. John H., President of the WLCC offered to donate $1,000.00 of that cost to help in our effort. Thanks, WLCC! Motion made by Paul P. and seconded by Wilbur R. to give a check for $3,729.19 for the boat. Motion carried. Motion made by Ray S., seconded by Joel to pay Paul P.’s direct expenses of 252.55 for his extraordinary efforts he made to make this raffle a success. Motion carried.

The boat, motor & trailer raffle was a success. We will know at the next meeting on just how successful. Thanks to Paul P. Wilbur R. Tom S. Howard Q. and others who helped to make this effort work as well as for Paul P.’s leadership and help from the WLCC.

Motion made to pay the Waupaca County Fair Board for the tickets we sold for the “Ultimate Tribute” event at the Fair for the amount of $2,500. Motion carried. Bob V. said that this effort did not work well for several reasons. The two biggest handicaps were being unable to promote properly and the severe weather that disrupted the Fair shortly before the event.


Jim Taylor has given us a donation of $200. Thank. Jim for your involvement!

Wilbur R. gave us insight on his experience with other lake initiatives which included Pelican lake near Rhinelander. We hope that he will stay active with us so we may draw from his experience. Thanks, Wilbur!

We had a roundtable discussion and one of the things that came out of the discussions was concern that a drew down should not be considered as the only option, and that we need more information on everything from the sediment loads to the water temperature. That is to say that we need to pursue creditable monitoring. A motion was made by Bob v. and seconded by Holly M. to contact Clintonville’s Pigeon lake District and to try to get them to attend our next meeting and present to us their engineering firm’s ability to collect data and/or look at other options from a professional position.

Bob r. will be holding a fundraising Pig Roast (raffles and silent auction, too) on Sunday October 11th at the Hitching Post, to help benefit our efforts. Tickets are $15 for adults and $7.50 for children 10 and under. Limited to 70 people! Contact Bob R. or the Hitching Post when you read this at (920) 867-3666. Maybe you can help/attend!

Next Meeting

Monday, October 12,2009 6:00 P.M. Regular monthly meeting – Hitching Post, Weyauwega


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