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Weyauwega Lake Meeting Minutes May 11, 2009

Minutes - Weyauwega Lake Restoration, Inc.
Tomorrow/Waupaca River/Lake Weyauwega Initiative

Meeting of May 11, 2009  6:00 P.M.  Hitching Post, Weyauwega

Those in attendance at this gathering were: Ron Weisman, Mary Jane Baehman (Weyauwega Chamber of Commerce), Paul Paulson, Howard Quimby, Bill Jonely (Town of Weyauwega), Bob Radtke, Tom Schneider, Joel Bohringer, Holly Martin, Mike Krueger (Clintonville – Pigeon Lake District), Rick Waite (Clintonville – Pigeon Lake District) and Bob Van Epps.

Approved April 13, 2009 Minutes

Old Business:

     The Not For Profit Foundation has been established as noted in the April 13th minutes, but the 501 (c)3 (tax exempt status) is still being looked into.
     The Lake Survey has been completed and copies will be available upon request. Mike Koles (UW Ext.) has confirmed that he will be at our July meeting to provide an overview of the results. If anyone of the DNR personnel would like Mike’s take on the two surveys, this would probably be a great opportunity to add/present your comments for us.
     We hope that John Young can make the next meeting to give us his feedback on the surveys, too!
     Hopefully the outstanding balance of $1,602.58 that was due to Matt Harp (Lake & Ponds Solutions) will somehow be addressed this month.
     We worked on deciding just how to approach the raffle for the boat, motor & trailer. A complete update will be given at the June meeting, and hopefully we will be on the “starting line.” Bob V. & Holly will try to devise & design tickets.

John H & Holly M will pursue the possibility of an auction.
     We would like to thank John Hildebrand on presenting us with a complete update on the efforts of the Weyauwega Lake Conservation Club (WLCC), not just recently, but also in past years. They have been spending a lot of time, effort, and money to get things done for the lake. Ron W. and Holly M will cooperate completely6 with John to give the history of the WLCC’s projects, not just on Lake Weyauwega, but also in many other areas. We need to welcome them on board, support them, and encourage them, as without their solid support the Weyauwega Lake restoration will not be successful. Thanks to John, Jerry, and the rest of the WLCC.

Next meeting there will be an update on the T-shirt & the Waupaca County Fair efforts.

     Thanks to Mike Krueger & Rick Waite for visiting us from Clintonville’s Pigeon Lake District. They had some really great ideas that they shared with us and it was a pleasure to have them here. We hope to be working with them on a continuing basis.

New Business

     Howard & Bob V. will be attending the next meeting of Black Otter Lake to compare/share notes & info with Bill Curtis. They will have an update at the June meeting.

Next Meeting Dates

Monday, June 8, 2009, 6 P.M. Hitching Post, Weyauwega

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