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Lake Weyauwega Minutes July 13, 2009




     Those in attendance at this gathering were: Ron Weisman, Bob Radtke, Tom Schneider, Jim Tolfa, Dave Werth, Ray Hutchinson, Jim Hlaban/Trout Unlimited, Mike Koles/UW Extension, Howard Quimby, Bill Jonely/Town of Weyauwega, Mary Jane Baehman, Angie Landsverk/Wega Chronicle, Mill Mallo, Holly Martin, and Bob Van Epps.

Minutes of June 13th, 2009 were approved.
     Financial report was given by Ron Weisman. We have a balance of $870.42. A copy of the report is attached.


     Mike Koles gave us an excellent overview on the two major lake surveys which we did on the Waupaca River Corridor from Weyauwega to Wolf River on down to the County Line. The results of this survey will have a very significant effect on the management plan that we are developing. If you haven’t already received copies of the surveys, and would like a set, contact Bob V. at 715-258-7789 as he still has a few copies left. We will also try to post them on our website at Thanks, Mike, for going that extra effort for us!
     Bob V. gave a quick update on the DNR research activities below the Wega Dam. There are some property concerns and endangered wildlife species we need to take into consideration. There are two different types of endangered turtles, a red sucker, and a species of mollusk. Scott Koehnke from the DNR had stated that below the dam we are looking at three different, distinct river systems, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Some food for thought, the first stretch below the dam is turbulent with a gravel bottom, the second, has deep pools of water with extensive bank shaded with a gravel bottom, the second, has deep pools of water with extensive bank shaded with trees which is an excellent winter habitat for endangered turtles, and the third stretch is slower water spreading out and is ideal habitat for all of the endangered wildlife. We need to learn more about the potential effects that the opening of the dam may have on this environment.
     Jim Hlaban was moved up on the agenda to make his presentation next. He talked about his involvement with research on the Tomorrow river going west from Waupaca by working with Trout Unlimited, and doing research of his own on the North Branch of the Little Wolf. He suggested that as a first step, we become involved with what is called the “Wave Program” and then progress to a more ambitious research program next year. We were hoping that Scott Bleck, Principal of the Weyauwega-Fremont High School or one of his staff would have been available to meet directly with Jim, as this would have been an ideal platform for our young adults to learn and take off from. Thanks Jim, for your generous offer to give us further direction! With Jim’s experience, it’s an offer too good to refuse.
     Bob V. and Paul P. went to Minneapolis to pick up the boat so that we could, finally, resolve the transportation issues that we were having getting it to the local dealer. We are URGENTLY trying to get it titled and in our possession so that we may personally take it to various events around the area and let people see the real thing that the raffle tickets are being sold to win. We need volunteers to help in this effort, such as the Scandy Corn Roast, etc. (even a couple hours would greatly help). Contact Paul P. at 920-867-2650 if you can help out.
     Due to time constraints, we only briefly touched on the Waupaca County Fair event which by no means say that it is of any less importance. It will be covered at the next meeting (the tickets may now be purchased on line by going to either or Kay will handle the transactions. On line purchasers may pick up their tickets at Gate 3) Remember it’s only a month away! There is an organized effort in place for selling tickets look for the “Tribute to Elvis” posters popping up everywhere, as well as on our website! This may be a main topic of the next meeting.


     We would like to thank First national Bank for their contribution of $500 to our cause! It is especially important because it highlights the importance that they place on restoring Lake Weyauwega.
     We will be setting up a Technical Sub-Committee at the next meeting. Anyone interested in helping with the effort contact Bob V


Monday August 10th 2009 6PM Regular monthly meeting. - Hitching Post, Weyauwega

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