Friday, August 10, 2012

WLR Regular Meeting August 9, 2012



Thursday, August 9, 2012 6:00 PM

Attending: Kent Gerard, Howard Quimby, Ron Wiesman, Bob Van Epps, Jim Tolfa, Don Morgan, Doug Nelsen, Holly Martin, Carl Kohl

1. Call to order (Bob Van Epps (BP)) 6:00 PM

2. Approval of July Minutes Motion Wiesman second Gerard approved (Joy Van Epps sent a complaint about the minutes, Jim Tolfa reported that she would like the time of the meeting start and the time of the adjournment on the minutes. )

3. Financial Report: (Ron Wiesman (BM))

M&I Opening Bal 7-12-2012 686.50

deposit: 6,357.00

expenses: (53.50)

M&I Closing Bal 8-9-2012 6,990.00

First National Bank 29,008.38

Total Cash on Hand 35,998.38

We are $250 short on break even for raffle.

Motion Gerard second Tolfa - Approved


4. Presidents Project Overview Report: (Bob Van Epps (BM)) Project is going well. Bob Reports a Fox Valley Tech source for lake burn. The details and cost are to be worked out later. Van Epps cautioned this is in the planning stages and open for discussion. Members brought up using the local fire department. Quimby had already approached local fire fighters for their willingness to handle the burn for a training class. Bob will follow up with the Weyauwega Volunteer Fire Chief. The sediment on the lake is baked hard. The plants in the lake will either be burned off or will drown. Van Epps reported NAH has not gotten back on the drawdown extension. All requested documentation has been delivered to NAH.

5. Rules Committee: A committee has been formed to define the rules that will apply to the use of the lake. The committee tentatively consists of: Jim Tolfa(Chair) - Kent Gerard and Ron Wiesman.

6. Fundraising Committee: (Jim Tolfa (BM) – Bob Radtke) Bob Van Epps reporting for Bob Radtke Please get the tickets back to Bob now so he can try to sell them from the bar. Jim Tolfa reported he would like the raffle moved to a date later in the year – after the Horse and Buggy days maybe the first week in October. He gave the reasons of the number of events that offer opportunities to sell tickets in the surrounding communities. This will be given another look next year. Bob Van Epps, tickets are now beginning to sell well. The drawing is this Sunday, August 13th.

7. Education Committee: (Bob Van Epps (BM) Lynn Ponto – Connie Abert) No report

8. Grant Committee: (Holly Martin (BM) – Caroline Zemple(BM)) No report

9. Lake Reclamation Committee: (Holly Martin (BM)Justin Sipiorski – Doug Nelson – Kaycie Stushek) A conference call was held with Martin and Nelson, (Sipiorski, Stushek and Johnson were unable to attend and sent regrets, the have been updated on the results of the call) to nail down a plan for pro-active planting. Troubled areas of the lake were identified and appropriate plantings were determined giving thought to future partial drawdowns and cost to plant. A Shoreline and Emergent planting recommendations were completed for home owners that would stabilize the shore and be esthetically pleasing while surviving the future partial drawdowns. The plan will now go to Ted Johnson and Justin Sipiorski for approval with attention to improving habitat for endangered species and fish populations.

10. City Projects Steering Committee: (Howard Quimby) Reported he had a meeting with Bill Forest on Aug 7th to determine the standing of the the permits needed to complete the rip rap project and the boat launches. The rip rap permit was approved by the DNR on August 3rd and is now in the hands of the City for 300 feet of shoreline along Peterson Park. Both boat ramp permits were approved August6th and are in the mail. Quimby reports and Bill Forest is in touch with the Bass club who are to assist the city with the financial costs of the boat launch repairs. Gerard brought to the attention of the group the need to take pictures before, after and during the repairs for documentation purposes.

11. Other Don Morgan brought his concerns relating to the people down river want to be made whole. What do they mean by that? He cautioned against any efforts other than that of the DNR to address this issue actively.

Don Morgan: Is there any merit in having a picture of the new river channel? He has a pilot that will take the picture for $100. Bob Van Epps already has pictures from the county that are high resolution satellite pictures and the club has aerial pictures given to them that were taken 6 month apart during the drawdown.


12. Next Meeting September 13th Library

13. Adjourn Meeting : motion Gerard at 6:40 pm

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