Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weyauwega Lake Restoration Minutes 5-13-10

MEETING OF MAY 13, 2010 6:00 P.M.

Howard Quimby
Dan Sterns
Lynn Ponto
Jim Tolfa
Joy Van Epps
Bob Van Epps
Melissa Kepler
Lynn Drews
Ray Schalkowski
Tom Schneider
Holly Martin

Greg Brzozowski North American Hydro

1. Introduction of those in attendance – Name, Address Sign in Sheet.
2. Present the Co-Chairpersons & Recorder
3. Approval of April 8, 2010 minutes – Howard Q. Dan Sterns passed
4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman – Not present
5. Fundraising Committee Report – Bob Radtke, Howard Quimby – Have the raffle license. Tickets are available and letters have been sent out. 500 is the limited number of tickets. Joy V. passed around a sheet depicting the prizes embodied in the body of the letter sent out. Drawing will be August 15th at the Hitching Post. Bob R. reports that the tickets are selling fast.

White Tail’s Unlimited gave a check for $500 toward the restoration of the lake.
Joy V and Jim T. approved.
6. Grant Committee Report – Holly Martin, Jim Tolfa, Sheryl Scheuermann – no report
7. Education Committee Report – Connie Abert, Carrie Esch, & Matt Harp ( Lynn Ponto reporting. Took a tour of all the parks and locations around the lake that could serve as viewing and picture sites for the education project. She will have students do the testing and use advanced chemistry kits. She is not sure if her kits would be accurate enough. Matt H. left word that he would be supplying the testing supplies necessary for the students to use.

Bob reported that Connie Abert will be coordinating the educational efforts.

Lynn P. is waiting for contact with Matt H.

Discussion followed.
A. Amend By Laws – Howard & Holly: Howard Q. Wording has been changed. Articles III IV – must be continued. A special meeting will have to be called.

Articles of incorporation have been updated to reflect the following: The new mailing address: Membership, and new statement of purpose to comply with the 501(c)3 requirements. Other changes have to do with the dispersal of monies collected. Howard Q. reworded the application that has been accepted, of the Historical society. Cost to amend articles of incorporation $25
Jim T Holly M, Accepted.
B. Update on 501(c)3 – Howard (See Bylaws)
C. Endangered species – No Report
D. Update on schools – Formal request to amend grant has been granted reports Bob V.
E. Time table update – Holly Martin – On target for August Drawdown

A. De-watering generator –

Greg Brzozowski: They do not feel they can lower the turbine and as such is not an option. Cost is the variable at ¾ of a million dollars

Recommends a complete drawdown, he thinks it would give us the most bang for the buck. Neshkoro – Ted Johnson is doing the plant study and the DNR is paying for it.
Hard dollar amount will not be possible but he will bring us a figure within a 1 or 2 percent variance. Move to table discussion Joy V. Jim T. Passed
B. Election of Board of Directors –

Nomination for Board of Directors

Old Board
Bob Van Epps
Howard Quimby
Ryan Hutchinson
Ron Weisman
Paul Paulson
Mary JaneBaehman
David Werth
Bob Radke
Ray Hutchinson

Elected Board
Holly Martin: - 2yr
Howard Quimby- 1yr
Bob Van Epps- 2yr
Ron Weisman-1yr
Bob Radtke-2yr
Jim Tolfa-2yr
Ray Schalkowski- 1yr
Dan Sterns-1yr
Dave Werth-2yr

C. Annual Report – Needs to be completed by June.
D. Set next meeting date

June 10th 2010. W/F Library 6:00 pm


Agenda for Thursday, June 10th , 2010 Meeting at the Weyauwega High School Library

1. Introduction of those in attendance – Name, Address Sign in Sheet.
2. Present the Co-Chairpersons & Recorder
3. Approval of May 13, 2010 minutes
4. Financial Report – Ron Weisman:
5. Report, Project Status (drawdown of the lake) - Bob Van Epps:
6. Report, Fundraising (Raffle Tickets) - Bob Radtke:
7. Report, 501(c)3, Incorporation status, By Laws – Howard Quimby:
8. Report, Education – Lynn Ponto, Connie Abert or Carrie Esch:
9. Public Comment and discussion

New Business
1. Introduction of Board and New Officers
2. Dues
3. Fundraising Ideas and Grants to seek
4. Next Meeting
5. Adjourn.

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